Embryo Transfer

Equine embryo transfer (ET) is an increasingly popular method of breeding high quality sport horses.

We provide the full service on site here at Rozel Breeding Centre, we can take mares in full competition work and continue their fitness while she is prepared for the procedure or they can enjoy a few weeks down time in our individual turn out paddocks. It is also possible to arrange walk in flushes if pre arrangements are made.

 The process involves breeding a donor mare (your competition mare) to a stallion and then transferring the resulting embryo into a reproductively competent recipient mare, which carries the foal to term and nurses it until weaning. We take care of all arrangements of the recipient mare if required or can line your own mares for the procedure. 

With so many questions often needed answering we are more than happy to talk you through the whole process so please do get in touch.

Contact us for advice or details on this service.