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Foaling Down


Foaling Down 

At Rozel Breeding Centre we take all the below on for you, so your mare delivers her foal in a calm, hassle free environment. It is very important to think about your mare foaling and to decide whether to foal her at home or send her to a professional place.

Foaling at home is an exciting time for any mare owner but can be stressful, time consuming and along with a lack of sleep not the right thing for everyone if juggling with a busy competition yard or a full time job. 

Rozel Breeding Centre offers a fantastic foaling service and has fully equipped foaling boxes fitted with cameras and the mares with foaling alarms, as well as 24 hour on site qualified staff. We also have our Vet on call at all times if required in the unlikely event of complications. 

We suggest if you would like to send your mare to move her 4 weeks prior to due date, so she has time to settle into her new environment & get her used to day and night routines with us. 

Contact us for advice or details on this service.