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Frozen Semen

Our freezing service is becoming very popular as all Stallion owners realise the benefits of competition Stallions being interrupted during sport and competition.  

We welcome any Stallion for collection, and work around your competition schedule to collect at convenient times to help the owner /rider get the best out of your performing stallion. 

Once the sperm is frozen with us and stored in our liquid nitrogen tanks they remain viable for many years.

If however a stallion has never had semen frozen before, we will need to analyse it to check its viable to be frozen.

This involves the collecting, freezing and thawing of one ejaculation and we then assess the motility and morphology of the semen.

Once this has been completed and deemed of high enough quality, we perform collection throughout the weeks he is with us which is the most cost effective routine.

We will keep in close contact with the owner/s of the Stallion to inform you on his progress so he's not away from home longer than necessary.  

We are a popular choice for handling young stallions that have never collected and need to be trained. Ben has years of experience handling both his own and clients young stallions, training them to use the dummy mare. We also have the advantage of our experienced stud vet Kate Bandy on site to assist with collections.

Contact us for advice or details on this service.